AGo Architects

AGo Architects
AGo Architects
Location: 12160 KOTA JAKARTA SELATAN, DKI Jakarta

Founded in 2018, AGo ARCHITECTS is an Indonesian architecture consulting firm based in Jakarta, and is a transformation from AplusA Architects. We believe in architecture that brings positive impacts to the society.

In recent years, we have observed the new trends and practices in architecture that take into account its impact on the environment and the society it lives in. This holistic approach ensures that architecture is not merely a physical experience, but rather an aesthetic interpretation of harmonic relationship between human and its physical environment.

We strive to deliver architecture that is functional, sustainable, and hospitable through a careful curation of its materials, efficient design, and sustainability in mind. With these principles, our architecture anticipates the challenges of the future–socially, environmentally, and economically.

We provide consultancy services for architectural, interior, and urban design, as well as building performance research.

If you are as passionate as we are in creating positive impacts through architecture, feel free to contact us and #giveitAGo!

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